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For over 25 years, Talavera etc in Puerto Vallarta has been offering a wide selection of the finest traditional quality Poblana Talavera pottery from the foremost workshops in Puebla. This handcraft is uniquely Mexican.

Most of the Talavera pottery offered by Talavera etc, including dinnerware sets, place settings, and individual pieces of Talavera pottery for kitchen, bathroom, and garden can be special ordered in any pattern found in our Talavera Patterns galleries.

Use our Worksheet to learn about the many shapes and sizes of our fine Talavera pottery, then take a closer look at the quality and design of the Talavera ceramics, dinnerware, sinks, bathroom accessories, jewelry boxes and garden ornaments in our Talavera Collections gallery.

Talavera etc's collection of Decorative Tiles offer interior designers many choices for decorating and remodeling. Our selection of high quality hand-painted Talavera Mural and Tiles are ideal for ornamentation and accenting small spaces. Inquiries from interior decorators and re-sellers are welcome.

Handmade and individually crafted by master craftsmen in Puebla Mexico for more than 400 years, Talavera ceramics have a long and colorful History. Today, the craft is perpetuated by individual families of master craftsmen, still performing the age-old two-firing Process that has been passed down through the centuries to create the unique color and sheen characteristic to authentic Talavera ceramics.

From small decorative items to complete sets of Talavera for dining, bath, kitchen and garden, you are sure to find the perfect piece for that special place in your home. We invite you to stop by our Talavera Shop in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to see and feel the vibrancy and warmth of the fine craftsmanship of Mexican Talavera pottery for yourself - or click here for online Ordering Information.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has declared the Mexican and Spanish pottery style known as Talavera an intangible cultural heritage. Learn more at MexicoNewsDaily.com

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